- Trekking to the Puntiagudo Volcano

Described by an old andean journal: “The Puntiagudo is the steepest mountain in the Southern Chile; its abrupt silhouette is cut into the blue sky like a needle that pierces the clouds “. This spectacular stratovolcano is flanked by a dense Valdivian forest, around the Puntiagudo (spanish word for “Pointy”) stand alerces (Fitzroya cupressoides) and

- Full Day Outdoors Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park

The trekking path “Paso de la Desolación” is an old path which is at the slope of the Osorno volcano coming from his north to his east side. Immersed in the National Park Vicente Perez Rosales it starts in the field of “La Picada” (nearly to the village of Cascadas, in the shore of the

- Volcanoes trekking, from Osorno to Puerto Varas

A journey of almost 100 kilometers in which we follow the road formed between the Casa Blanca and Osorno volcanoes. Starting at the province of Osorno we enter the Puyehue National Park towards the Bertín lagoon, our base camp for the ascension of the Casa Blanca volcano. The descent takes us south to the Rupanco

- Southern Chile: Volcanoes, Valleys, Lakes and Hot Springs

In the middle of the 19th century the government of Chile decided to recolonize the South of their land, searching for eurpean immigrants to stabilize the regions Los Lagos and Los Rios. The ground where the immigrants founded citiies like Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt is also the home of most of the

- Climb Osorno Volcano

Wrapped in clouds and local legends, Osorno Volcano is a famed symbol of Patagonia. Its ascent is a magical experience: one in which you will find yourself in the nature and going further than your own limits. Rising out of surrounding fields and native forest, because it is displaced to the west of the Andes

- Crossing the Calbuco Volcano

A mountain journey of about 20 km starting in “Ensenada” village – on the Llanquihue lake – and arrives to the locality of “Chamiza” in the “Carretera Austral” allow us to discover from north to south the Calbuco Volcano. The “Calbuco” and its truncated summit stunningly rise between the cities of Puerto Varas and Puerto

- Trekking to the Glacier of the Osorno volcano

The classic silhouette of the volcano colored from Its feet – on Llanquihue lake – and up to 1,100 meters by the green of the Valdivian forest, where – depending on the season – the dark color of the rocks is bleached snow Winter and glacier descending from its snowy summit. Located within the National

- Climb the Volcanoes of Southern Chile!

Life in Southern Chile is defined by the close relationship it shares with the natural landscapes of the region. Volcanoes and glaciers dominate the land, shape our geology and define our way of life. Huella Andina’s “Volcanoes Journey” is an invitation to experience the Lakes District from a perspective that only the mountains can deliver.

Climbing Volcán Osorno In Chile’s Lakes Region

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Mañana 30 de Marzo se estrena en la televisión Francesa el capítulo de Odisea Chile, en el cual los acompañamos a ascender el volcán Osorno..

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