Bergführer Individuell

If you are thinking about climbing a mountain of 5,000 or more than 6,000 meters in the Chilean Andes, Skiing a volcano in Patagonia; or a Bigwall itineray in Cochamo valley, we will be happy to join you!


For any climb that is not listed as one of our regular programs, we offer our expertise as local mountain guides for private services, and of course, our help to organize the logistic of your expedition. Please notice that we don not provide this service for Osorno, Calbuco, Puyehue or Casa Blanca volcanoes or other itineraries that requieres a contract with public or privates organizations to be able to operate comercial trips in the areas that they administered.


– Rates

No. of persons
4 – 6
Daily rate per group
$150.000 $180.000 $210.000 $200.000


Prices quoted are the total price per guide per day in chilean pesos (CLP, $). These prices are private guiding fees only. They include guiding / training services and the use of ropes and climbing protection hardware (such as ice screws, wires, slings, carabiners etc.). It is your responsibility to provide adequate personal mountaineering equipment although this may be hired.

Prices do include
Prices do not include
  • Guiding Fees.
  • Use of ropes and climbing protection hardware.
  • Help to organize the logistic of the expedition.
  • Being responsible for the logistic of the expedition.
  • Entrances or permits.
  • Accommodation.
  • Transport
  • Lifts or similars.
  • Porter or mule services.
  • Insurance.
  • Any food or drink.
  • Any personal mountaineering equipment including boots, harness, helemt, ice-axe, crampons or outdoor clothing.
  • Guides expenses including, like (but not limited): permits, uplift, hut fees, porter or mule services, transportation, food in huts or towns.
  • Any other item not specified in what the rate includes.


– Guiding Ratios

The maximum number of clients per guide will depend on the difficulty of the itinerary, the commitment of the route and the technical level of the clients. Not to exceed:

  • High mountain itineraries that requieres a constantly use of the rope: 1 guide per 2 clients.
  • Here we find climbs like the south face of Cerro Arenas, the Parinacota volcano, Monte San Lorenzo or Cerro Morado.

  • High mountain itineraries that do not requieres a constantly use of the rope: 1 guide per 4 clients.
  • Here we find climbs like the normal routes of Nevado Ojos del Salado, Cerro Marmolejo, Volcán San José or Cerro el Plomo, and also some volcanoes like Llaima, Lanin, Mocho Choshuenco!

  • A ratio 1:6 in high mountains is possible when the clients are able to climb by them selves: they are able to lead the complete route and the way back with out the direct work of the guide. For this cases the rol of the mountain guide is a technical director, supervising the performance of the climbers and as a local link for the logistic of the expedition.
  • Skiing expeditions a ratio 1:6 is possible when there is not need of the use of a rope in the itinerary, if a rope is needed the ratio is 1:2.
  • Glacier crossing, a ratio 1:4 aplies.
  • Big wall climbing (like routes in Cochamo) and multipitch rock climbing a max. ratio of 1:2, for single pitch sport climbing up to 6 clients per guide (for example, in Metri area in the Carretera Austral).


Please contact us for further details or quotation of our services!

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