Southern Chile: Volcanoes, Valleys, Lakes and Hot Springs

In the middle of the 19th century the government of Chile decided to recolonize the South of their land, searching for eurpean immigrants to stabilize the regions Los Lagos and Los Rios.

The ground where the immigrants founded citiies like Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt is also the home of most of the lakes and vulcanoes of the country.
Our travel is going from north to the south, focusing on the ascensions of the most famous volcanoes, passing the principal national parks as well as enjoying the infrastructure of cities and villages.
It is an invitation to experience the south of Chile from a different perspective, to form from great hights your own view about this country.

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from $1.250.000 CLP
Location: National Reserv Huilo – Huilo & Llanquihue, National Park Puyehue & Vicente Pérez Rosales.
Duration: 12 days / 11 nights.
Difficulty: Media
Start / End: Puerto Varas or Osorno or Valdivia, Chile / Puerto Varas, Chile.
Season: October – April for individual travellers.
Highlights: Southern Chile: Region of Rivers and Lakes, Volcanoes Ascent: Mocho Choshuenco, Casa Blanca, Osorno and Calbuco*; Trekking beginning at Volcano Casablanca to Osorno Volcano (60km), between lakes Rupanco and Todos los Santos; Hot Springs in Puyehue and El Callao; City of Roses: Puerto Varas; Huilo Huilo Reserve; Puyehue National Park and Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, Llanquihue National Reserve; Rafting*, Canyoning*; tree house accommodation**, tents, mountain huts and hotels***; natural life, local interaction and culture.

Price p.p.:

2 persons, $1.500.000; 3 persons, $1.350.000; 4 to 8 persons, $1.250.000.

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Chile´s Volcanoes: 4 Summits in the Andes Range
Volcanoes trekking, from Osorno to Puerto Varas
Climb the Volcanoes of Southern Chile!
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D-01: National reserv Huilo – Huilo, in the Chilean Rivers district.

D-02: Climb "Volcán Mocho".

D-03: Relax en el Parque Nacional Puyehue.

D-04: Climb "Volcán Puyehue"

D-05: Climb "Volcán Casa Blanca".

D-06: Start of the trek of a total of 60km towards "Las Gaviotas" (today’s stage: 20km, 6h).

D-07: The second part of this trek takes us to the lagoon, "Los Quetros", home of the family Fuentalba (9km, 4h).

D-08: Our current goal: hot springs in the land of the family Altamirano "Refugio El Callao" (14km, 4.5h).

D-09: On Lake Todos Los Santos arrived (16km, 4h), we cross the lake in a boat to the port Petrohue.

D-10: Climb "Volcán Osorno".

D-11: Relaxation or reserve day.

D-12: Our last day is our wild card. Climb the volcano Calbuco or a full day canyoning, or maybe a city walk, including shopping in Puerto Varas.

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