Trekking to the Puntiagudo Volcano

Described by an old andean journal: “The Puntiagudo is the steepest mountain in the Southern Chile; its abrupt silhouette is cut into the blue sky like a needle that pierces the clouds “.

This spectacular stratovolcano is flanked by a dense Valdivian forest, around the Puntiagudo (spanish word for “Pointy”) stand alerces (Fitzroya cupressoides) and mañíos (Podocarpus nubigenus), giant ferns, tepas, ulmos and quilas. And it is the home of pumas, pudúes, foxes, skunks and hummingbirds, among other elusive inhabitants. The volcano is visible from most of the lakes in the region, being the Rupanco and Todos Los Santos the most associated to Puntiagudo and its history.

Dubbed by Fray Menendez at the end of XVIII century as “Vanhuenmedi” or “Vanguenma” (unfortunately there is not information about the meaning of these names), “el Puntiagudo” was the “Dequiñcheu” of the Huilliches or “Tripaicura” of the Araucanians.

With its last eruption recorded on 1950 (Cordón Cenizos) and some reports of another in April 1930 the volcano is classified as Pleistocene stratovolcano and it is recognized in him the marked glacier type erosion. The summit, as is currently known, lost an important part of its acuteness during the earthquake of 1960: incredibly, the volcano was more “pointy” of what is known today!

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from $100.000 CLP
Location: Rupanco Lake, Lakes District.
Duration: 1 day.
Length: 14km (~9 miles)
Elevation: ~800m (~2.625 Ft).
Start / End: Puerto Varas, Chile.
Season: October to April.
Highlights: South of Chile, Puerto Varas; Puntiagudo Volcano; Rupanco Lake; “El Calzoncillo” waterfall; Alerces; Trekking.
Price p.p.: 1 person, $130.000; 2 or more, $100.000.
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– 6am Transportation to Rupanco lake.

– 8:30 am: Beginning of the trek.

– 10 am: Arriving to the house of Don Paulino (~2km / 470m)

– 1:30 pm: River bed, ending point of the trek (~5km / 880m).

– 2:30pm: Beginning of the trek back.

– 5pm: Return to Puerto Varas.

– 7pm: End of Service.

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