Trekking: Casa Blanca Volcano to the natural hot springs of Rupanco Lake

The east shore of the Rupanco Lake is one of those places where modern infrastructure has – luckily for us- slowly came. The natural hot springs are just in the shore of the lake, but in the opposite side of where a car can arrive.

Despite the settlers discovered them early in the 20th century and an important hotel was built in 1940 (and destroyed on May 22nd 1960), they are not in the roadmap of many visitors. We will made our way to them by foot and boat. Beginning in the other side of the mountain, at the foots of the Casa Blanca volcano, in Antillanca, the heart of the Puyehue National Park.

Following a trail that start in the upper part of the forest (1.219m) we will descent to the Rupanco lake (124m) enjoying of how vegetation changes and adapts at differents altitudes.

We will trek ~12 kilometers in around 5 hours. The trail goes the side of the volcano until it merged into the forest, sometimes it cross very dense bushes (“Quila”) and after or during rains it can be muddy. We will end the trek in the mouth of the “Gaviotas” river, from where a small motorboat will cross us to the hotsprings and our deserved pic-nic. After relaxing ours muscles we will cross the lake to meet our car and to drive back to town.

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from $110.000 CLP
Location: Puyehue National Park, Lakes District.
Duration: 1 day.
Length: 12km (~7.5 miles)
Start / End: Puerto Varas, Chile.
Season: October to April.
Highlights: South of Chile, Rainforest, Casa Blanca Volcano, Puyehue National Park, Rupanco Lake, Natural hot springs, Trekking.
Price p.p.: 1 person, $150.000; 2 persons, $130.000; 3 to 6 persons, $120.000, 7 to 8 persons $110.000.
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– 6am: Transportation to Antillanca, Puyehue National Park.

– 9am: Beginning of the trek.

– 2pm: We will arrive at the "Gaviota" river and take the boat to the hot springs.

– 2:30pm: Picnic and relax in the shore of the lake.

– 4pm: Boat to "Puerto El Buey".

– 8pm: Return to Puerto Varas and of service.

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