Ayuda: Sin agua no hay vida! Erupción volcán Calbuco 2015

Fundraising: No water, no life! Drinking-water wells for the residents of the outlying regions after the eruption of the volcano Calbuco on 22/04/2015.


The outbreak of our beloved volcano. An incredible force of nature that has changed our landscape, our lives and our future in one fell swoop. Sure, we know that this happens. But unlike us not all get the privilege to choose where they live or work. These people are our neighbors, our friends. Families have inherited their land and farm it in a small way or live from tourism by the two volcanoes Osorno and Calbuco, like us.

In all the remote places such as our "Valle de Los Ulmos", "El Callao" or "Las Gaviotas" the neighbors have joined together and built their own water supply systems, which are now broken down. The government offers help, but it is not enough and sure not fast enough. So we have to do it ourselves. Living so remote brings us together, makes us resourceful and supportive to each other.

No water, no life is possible, land uninhabitable – not usable. All of us will lose the place we call home. So this is our first goal: Water for ourselves, our neighbors and the animals. Starting in May with studies to design and implement an adequate sustainable system like: rainwater collectors, water towers, water pipes or drinking-water wells and distribute it to as much houses we can reach. Meanwhile, keep alive, what has not been destroyed and then see what to do with the material on our lawns. Alone at our property we would need 600 trucks to carry it away, and where to put it? We are sure that more help will come and we will be able to move and help also with the roofes, stables and all what need to be done.

We love our volcanoes, they are our source of income, we have made a life goal to share this beautiful vast landscape with people from all over the world and to accompany them safely to the breathtaking viewing points over the entire Andean region, together with their countless volcanoes. We love them if they break out and change our lives overnight, or keep on in peacefully slumber (like the volcano Osorno).




We are happy that our home and office remained stand up. That we have a roof to sleep. Several structures collapsed, our green farming fields are now a grey desert, neighbor’s animals doesn’t have more food to seek and the winter is coming.

We need water to live, to start over. We ask for your help to arrive NOW with solutions.

FOUNDRAISING GOAL: 25.000 USD – 1 may 2015 / 30 jun 2015

Donations can also be sent directly by electronic transfer in euros or chilean pesos to our bank in Austria or Chile. Please email us for details!



As a small gesture of gratitude to all of you, we have small gifts to give away. Shipment is available world wide!

1 Bottle of Pisco Sour, 1 Bottle of Pisco 40º, Bottle of chilean red wine.

1 pair of Wool socks from «El Callao » Hot springs & 1 poncho made by our neigber.

2 bottles of our local bier «Plagemann» (made in Ensenada).

1 Climb for 2 persons starting in Ensenada to: Calbuco, Osorno & Puyehue volcanoes.

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